1. Who can participate in the YRE programme?

Anyone aged between 11 and 21 years attending a secondary, post secondary or higher education can participate.

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2. Does participation necessarily include competition?

No – one can participate without competing.

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3. When is the deadline for the competition?

15th March.

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4. Is participation necessarily through a school?

No – students can participate independently against a participation fee of €5.

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5. Does a school have to register?

Yes. Registration forms for FEE programmes can be downloaded through the website.

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6. What are the awards?

YRE winners get a certificate and trophy, together and publication of their work. Catch the Drop HSBC water programme will sponsor the best entries focused on water with a €100 cash voucher. Wasteserv sponsor the best entry related to waste with a €500 digital camera. International winners get a laptop, camera or video camera, depending on their category. Other incentives may follow.

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7. How do I participate in a joint project?

Contact the National Coordinator and you will be given links with foreign schools. Work is done mainly via emails and skype calls.

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