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Trash in a Treasure

submitted by Gozo College Secondary School Victoria : Tania Debrincat  for 11-14
dissemination(s): other, school morning assembly, school noticeboard, school magazine, website
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The Maltese countryside is rich with a variety of landscapes containing various endemic species of flora and fauna. The eyes have a lot to feast on. Considering the size of the islands in one walk one gets to see the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, stunning cliffs, sandy beaches, vegetated hills and unfortunately more then one heap of trash dumped unceremoniously in the heart of the countryside. Time goes by and still this powerful urge to spoil the natural environment hasn’t been controlled.

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Breakfast is Served

submitted by Gozo College Secondary School Victoria : Kyara Vella  for 15-18
dissemination(s): other, School Assembly, school noticeboard, school magazine, website
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Oh! What a nice thought! Providing toast to the snails, snakes and other wildlife! It should be common knowledge that they do not appreciate it. Why keep on insisting to throw away things in the open spaces as if it is the right place to get rid of unwanted items?

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Meals on Wheels

submitted by Gozo College Girls Secondary School : Nicole Micallef  for 11-14
dissemination(s): notice board, other, Presentation during Assembly, school magazine, website
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Coffee cups and fast food boxes are amongst the most common roadside litter found. The two tyres are just an addition to make the picture more real. The main problem is that most people tend to ignore litter and not bother to take action. It is wrong to think one is too small to make a difference. As Bette Reese said: “If you think that you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.” It is time to become active against litter. What are you waiting for?

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Hide and Seek

submitted by Gozo College Rabat Primary : Anthea Xiberras  for 7-10
dissemination(s): other, Presentation, school magazine, school media
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An empty beer bottle rests on a bed of bougainvillea flowers. If it is not removed by someone who cares for the environment, it will stay there forever. Do people know how big is the damage done by littering?

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YoungOld – Being part of a change

submitted by St. Francis Primary School Cospicua : School's Sub-Committee  for 7-10
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Our students who are full of energy and enthusiasm believe that they have a long future ahead. Besides that at school they learn academical subject they also learn and are aware that one day or another they will get old.Thus they learn that they need to help people in various ways. So being part of our school’s action plan, every year they visit some old peoples’ homes to show that our students value all ages. Knowing that sometimes old people can feel so sad and lonely they wanted to be of some hope and maybe also a new beginning for old people at SVDP by building a strong friendly relationship. They visited them in their rooms, talked to them and also sang beautiful songs, but after all students wanted to make them feel loved once more.

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