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Precious Trees

submitted by Gzira St.Monica School : Katrina Bonavia  for 11-14
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7% of  7% of the soil is being lost from the earth’s surface every year. Plants need nutrients to grow so soil without nutrients is useless. Although data on rates of soil erosion in Malta is not available, this phenomenon is believed to be one of the most important threats to soil in the country.

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submitted by Sliema Malta St. Francis Secondary School : Martha Magro, Nicole Grech  for 11-14
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Our country is mostly known for its beautiful sea. Everyone loves going for a swim on a hot summer day and enjoys swimming in clean water, so why do we leave waste behind? We all say that it’s wrong for people to litter and throw away waste inappropriately, but do we really take actions? Waves take our waste and also alkalis and dead plants out to sea, which is why at the sea side there always have to be bins for us to throw away rubbish and protect the sea from waste and also saving other sea creatures’ lives. With our waste we are destroying the fish’s habitat and also killing them, which causes fish to become extinct. Our laziness should not result in this destruction. So let’s all stop and think for a better life next time we go to the beach.

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Sick at Chadwick

submitted by St. Thomas More Secondary School Zejtun : Jessica Maris Cardona  for 11-14
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Strolling the paths of Chadwick Lakes to enjoy nature, leaves you disappointed when you see the beautiful scenery ruined with the sight of rubbish discarded by irresponsible people. During this season, Chadwick Lakes is in its glory. The lake is full of sweet water that has seeped through the fields of the northern area of Malta after this winter’s heavy rains. The lakes overflow from one another forming spectacular waterfalls. The water keeps on moving through a winding stream. One can also find many tadpoles in the shallow area of the stream. In the area there are many big old trees which are the homes of many birds. Thanks to the water, the area surrounding the stream is covered with greenery and wild flowers. Unfortunately this beautiful scenery is tarnished with the sight of rubbish. There were food packets, plastic bags and carton boxes thrown in the stream. There was

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Botanic Mechanic

submitted by St. Thomas More Secondary School Zejtun : Alessandro Parella  for 11-14
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Well… seems that some mechanics are giving their talent for botany. They are not just enthusiastic to damage it but also want to ruin it. The motorcycle in the picture, which is almost buried in grass, has been dismantled and left to flourish at the back of a residential area. This is dangerous to any trespassing individual but more problematic to the flora and fauna living in the area. Chemicals may leach from the materials the motorcycle is made up of. Moreover, the motorcycle battery contains hazardous chemicals, as clearly shown by the hazard symbols present. It is corrosive and explosive, but no one seems to care. Mechanics should be taught that batteries can easily be handed to an auto part retailer for recycling or else disposed in a battery disposal. This will safeguard our heath and also the organisms present in the surrounding area.

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No Interruption… Just Construction!

submitted by St. Thomas More Secondary School Zejtun : Nicole Buhagiar  for 11-14
dissemination(s): assembly, newspaper, notice board, other, school magazine, school media, youtube
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Urbanisation has increased significantly environment degradation. Not only land has been cleared of all type of vegetation to make room to our houses and building facilities but also, as clearly shown by the pictures, to be our dumping site. Stones, concrete, tiles, wood, and debris all discarded in areas which would have looked more pleasing if they were all covered in green. The area would have been an adequate place for a habitat to many organisms rather than to chairs, televisions, deck chairs or mattresses. Enforcement laws should be made harsher and CCTV cameras should be installed in these areas, as it seems that this view is rewarding to some of us.

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