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Photos 15-18 years Commended Entry – Worthy Worms

submitted by St.Michael School : Karl Buhagiar  for 15-18
dissemination(s): school magazine
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Some people may be afraid of worms and do not think highly of them.  But some species are really worth breeding.  The worms seen in the picture are all the time eating and eating.  In fact, they are really efficient in consuming our waste – be it kitchen or garden waste, newspapers and magazines, in fact, anything that is biodegradable.  It only takes several weeks for these worms to turn waste into fine compost and manure with no offensive smells in the process.  Local governments should consider seriously the adoption of treating waste by this method because it would save them big headaches with regards to the location of waste treatment plants, smell pollution and other undesirable problems.  In addition, the use of fine compost and manure produced by worms would eliminate the use of synthetic fertilisers by farmers and keen gardeners, thus reducing the level of pollution in our aquifers.  The work done by this amazing creation is able to effect positively our environment and should indeed be considered as worthy and precious little worms.

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Articles 15-18 years Commended Entry – The Human Impact on a stretch of Coastline

submitted by St.Aloysius College Sixth Form : Farrugia, Jasmine  for 15-18
dissemination(s): facebook groups, other, school media
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On a small stretch of the Maltese coastline one unfortunately finds more human influence than natural environment. A case in point is the coastal area of Marsaxlokk Bay which currently harbours the following berthing facilities: Delimara Power Station, Malta Freeport, Oiltanking and others. In this article I analysed the human impact on the Ballut Marshland and the surrounding area done with the construction of the Power Station, the concrete wall face, the road and the breakwater. Thus further development in Marsaxlokk-Delimara will sure leave an impact on the environment.

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Photos 15-18 years Commended Entry – Destroying my rest place

submitted by Santa Margerita GSS Cospicua : Nirvana Grech  for 15-18
dissemination(s): EkoSkola Notice board, other, Parents Day, Teachers' Face book
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Kultant meta jaghmlu xi progett ikissru l-paci u l-ftit hdura li ghandna…. li kultant ikun post ta’ mistrieh ghal diversi persuni matul il-jum. Fuq dan il-bank kont nistenna lil shabi qabel nidhlu l-iskola, issa qerduh. Mhux sew. Il-progress ma ghandux ikisser izda isebbah u ihaddar… meta ser nitghallmu?

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Videos 15-18 years Commended Entry – Bothersome Building

submitted by St. Aloysius College : Martina Mifsud  for 15-18
dissemination(s): website
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In the south of Malta there is a nuisance; a hotel; which though priceless in its day, is now reduced to a pile of rubbish. In this video I present the problem and propose a reasonable solution. Enjoy!

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Press Kids Best Entry – Responsible Actions for a Better Environment

submitted by St. Francis Primary Cospicua - Malta : The Forest Team  for 7-10
dissemination(s): In the classrooms shown on the Interactive Boards, other, website, youtube
filed under Video Clips

At our school we try to do our best to instill in our students awareness for a better environment. As we believe that the implementation of actions of good practices are a benefit for them to learn how we can protect our trees and our environment so to combat deforestation. By means of the sowing of seeds activity, we enhanced the students’ awareness about the environmental and social importance of forest. For this reason we try to contribute to CO2 emissions and we want to reduce CO2 emissions. Thus we needed to implement educational activities which by means we need to make some changes in the way we live. We believe that these changes are important to be done together as a community as we are sure that small changes make big differences and thus result in great achievements.

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