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A beautiful Art, at the wrong place.

submitted by St Clare's College Pembroke Secondary : Guilhermo Henrique Meirelles de Mello  for 11-14
campaign: YRE Entry
dissemination(s): school media,other,Social media
filed under Photos Reporting photo

Although the art is very creative, it is not at the proper please. We should do these drawings on appropriate places such as muriels.

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Traces of Him

submitted by MCAST : Alexandre  for 19+
dissemination(s): school media
filed under Video Clips

did this project about Social Issue with others students, because it is a problem the influence a considerable numbers of the individuals within a society. This project is about a Person life social issue. A younger photographer who hasn’t been so close to her father, until he passed away and she start to realize that, she had a good time together with her father, sharing a bowl of ice cream, movies, playing etc… Perhaps she shouldn’t wait so long to tell her father I am sorry or how much she loved him. Now he’s gone and there’s nothing that she can do to chance it, but she can let others knows that it can happen to anyone.

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Ġgantija temples and their preservation

submitted by MCAST Institute for creative arts : Christopher  for 19+
dissemination(s): other, Youtube video
filed under Video Clips

Ġgantija is a Gozitan marvel and is a shame when someone vandalises and abuses such magnificence. As a concept it gathers what is done to preserve and protect these temples as well as what procedures are taken when vandalism is the guest. This also highlights the beauty and the appreciation people have for this ancient temple. The video questions how, why, when and what is done to assure that these temples does not suffer from any ‘graffiti’ or personal signature from ‘culprits’. In this video, a brief knowledgeable and visual story is given to audience to immerse for the first time or relish for the second time watching this beautiful phenomenon created by our ancestors. Last but not least this video shows how up to date is the welcome centre and that finally Ġgantija is given the appreciation it deserves. Enjoy!  

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Shark Conservation in Malta

submitted by MCAST : Karl Azzopardi  for 19+
dissemination(s): school media, tv, website
filed under Video Clips

Sharks have always suffered from an unnecessary stigma induced by Hollywood. This project aims to bring conservation projects and people closer together. I interview Martina Brancato, who is the aquarium’s Science and Education officer and she explained to me how the Malta National Aquarium and SharkLab and collaborating on a conservation project on Nursehound and Spotted Cat sharks. This is a volunteer driven project and relies on the commitment of those that work effortlessly to see the shark populations increase. Martina then goes on to explain how SharkLab is an international project whose efforts are spread worldwide on may species of shark.

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Solar Power?

submitted by Malta College of Arts Science and Technology : Nina Karniej  for 19+
dissemination(s): other, Social Media
filed under Video Clips

For a centuries sun was described as a god. Nowdays the energy it creates can be captured and used in our everyday life. Malta has over 300 sunny days per year, is the power of the sun the future main energy source for the island? What if this future is happening now? Maltese people already introduced the process of being first green island in Europe with starting the sequence of events like Research, Partnership and Education schemes.

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