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Maltese cities and their effect on the environment

submitted by Saint Francis Secondary, Sliema : Maria Katrina Carabott, Jade Kelly Cassar, Michela Debono, Giulia Dimech  for 11-14
dissemination(s): newspaper,website,other,Hardcopy in school foyer
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This is an article aiming to discover the public’s opinion about high buildings in Maltese Cities, how many people had a high building in their hometown and the problem of pollution in the cities and the damage it is causing. People are increasingly suffering from diseases related to pollution, such as the exhaust that is released from cars, and we wanted to investigate possible solutions to this problem.

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A Changing Society as a Result of Immigration

submitted by Saint Francis Secondary School Sliema : Hailey Camilleri, Chanel Cassar, Kylie Psaila, Hayley Schembri, Christine Tabone  for 11-14
dissemination(s): newspaper,website,other,Printed copy in school foyer
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In this quantitative research, the attitude towards Maltese people towards migtants and migration is investigated. A number of pros and cons were outlined and discussed.

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Stop Animal Abuse

submitted by Saint Francis Secondary School Sliema : Busuttil Mariah, Falzon Justyne, Mallia Erika, Perry Emma  for 11-14
dissemination(s): newspaper,website,other,On display at school foyer
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It is impossible to stop animal abuse completely, but it is really important to take action, and that is what we are trying to portray in this article. Investigation involves a quantitative research and a thorough evaluation

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Open a Window for Peace

submitted by St Margaret College Secondary School Verdala Cospicua : Georgie Maria Degabriele, Ilenia Grech, Kyle Dalli, Mariah Sciberras, Negai Galea, Neville Coleiro, Yasmin Cassar Flores  for 11-14
dissemination(s): other, School Exhibition; Passed on EO for Social Studies; GTA DVD, school magazine, school media, website
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The Students’ Council at our school wanted to create a game related to the theme of ‘Peace and Harmony’ which was the theme of our annual exhibition this year. The students met regularly to discuss ideas for a game that could promote peace and make their peers better aware of various processes that help reduce conflict and establish peace. The Students’ Council also wanted to introduce the school to Computer Games that may lead students to better understanding of Global Conflicts, like Global Conflicts: Palestine and Global Conflicts: Child Soldiers. Gaming is fun but it may also be a first step to opening a window for Peace.

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Right ahead of us!

submitted by St Margaret College Secondary School Verdala Cospicua : Natashia Vella, Kelly Falzon  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school magazine,website,other,School exhibition; One drive link of GEW
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We in Malta are fortunate to have both geographical and historical features in our immediate environment. My school is on Margherita hill which was flattened and blocks built in the retrenchment close to Verdala Fort. All this is right ahead of us! The photo shows a particular historical feature at school built on purpose so that soldiers could refill the guns whilst another soldier was firing. We can actually see the links that exist between our geography and our history. As young people we need to support the protection of geographical and historical features. We need to understand how people in the past lived. Our country is really small but has a great history that we should all appreciate. We need to look right ahead of us to understand the full story that lies so close to us wherever we might be in Malta!

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