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YoungOld – Being part of a change

submitted by St. Francis Primary School Cospicua : School's Sub-Committee  for 7-10
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Our students who are full of energy and enthusiasm believe that they have a long future ahead. Besides that at school they learn academical subject they also learn and are aware that one day or another they will get old.Thus they learn that they need to help people in various ways. So being part of our school’s action plan, every year they visit some old peoples’ homes to show that our students value all ages. Knowing that sometimes old people can feel so sad and lonely they wanted to be of some hope and maybe also a new beginning for old people at SVDP by building a strong friendly relationship. They visited them in their rooms, talked to them and also sang beautiful songs, but after all students wanted to make them feel loved once more.

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Doing it Blindly

submitted by Gozo College Girls Secondary School : Maria Attard  for 11-14
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Certain areas in different localities have always been prone to littering. Local councils have for long been trying hard to tackle this problem in various ways including setting up signs, promising fines, the revoking of the driving licence, and similar to discourage the improper disposal of waste. This however does not seem to be effective enough. One must not forget that what goes around comes around at the end of the day.

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Madame Liberty

submitted by Bishop's Conservatory Girls secondary School : Maria Mompalao  for 15-18
dissemination(s): noticeboard, other, school media
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In this day and age why are human rights so difficult to have access to. All over the world people are enduring lots of hardships and misery because of injustice.

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We All Fall Down

submitted by Gozo College Secondary Shcool Victoria : Chantelle Stellini  for 11-14
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New technologies, modern gadgets and high standards of living indicate how advanced and developed the population is. However, the urge to spoil the countryside with bulk littering shows clearly the contrary. The tendency is to fall back to the same old primitive habit of being careless and irresponsible citizens.

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Bitter-sweet Peas

submitted by Maria Regina College Girls' Secondary School : Francesca Maria Sant  for 15-18
dissemination(s): Noticeboard at Mosta Local Council, other, school media, website
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Commercial pea seeds covered in chemicals which gives it its bright red colour in contrast to the pale-coloured organic seeds. Even though the red colour may be more attractive, it does not mean that it is healthier.

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