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YRE Winner – Photo 15-18yrs: Bridge over troubled water?

submitted by St Thomas More GSS Santa Lucia : El Kayati Fatima, Farrugia Antonella, Saliba Nicole  for 15-18
dissemination(s): school media
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Malta is one of the countries with the least water resources. Having little rain and a highly populated area means that if the rain water is not used to its best, we will have serious problems in the coming years. At school, the school playground is the roof of a water reservoir. This reservoir needs urgent attention and could be used to water the whole of the school trees and used in the toilets flushing. The reservoir needs maintenance so as it can be used. It is an old structure but since it is at least 100 metres by 50 metres wide and more than a storey high it can hold enough water to satisfy the school’s need for second class water. If this reservoir has more water that the school needs, it could be used to help farmers in the vicinity and use this water instead of pumping water from a borehole. Pumping a lot of water from a borehole will result in a problem since it will be invaded by sea salty water instead of water good for drinking. As students we need to keep the ground clean so as the rubbish will not block the water intakes of the reservoir.

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YRE Winner – Photo 19-21yrs: One Sandwich Short of a Picnic

submitted by Eco-Centre Zejtun : Johann Camilleri  for 19+
dissemination(s): Facebook, other
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In Europe, about 90 million tonnes of food is wasted annually. According to NSO Malta, on average, 22% of the amount of food purchased weekly by Maltese residents, end up in the solid waste stream. Not only households throw away food, but food is also wasted due to over-production or inadequate storage or packaging. Wiser shopping planning avoids good food being thrown away. Food leftovers can be refrigerated or frozen and used for other meals. Products like bread and vegetables can be given to farmers to feed their animals. Over-ripe fruit can make healthy fresh smoothies or fruit pies, while vegetables make delicious healthy soups instead of bulging our trash bins. Our wise great grandmothers used to turn left over bread into mouth-watering bread puddings. This is more than worthwhile considering that according to the UN Water, to produce 1 slice of bread, 40 litres of water are used up.

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YRE Winner – Video 11-14yrs: Saving Mother Nature

submitted by St Edward's College : Luigi Dimech  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school magazine, school media, website
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The aim of this video is to make you aware of some of the main causes of litter in Malta and that we should reduce, reuse and recycle. We should set examples for others, conserve water and keep ‘Mother Nature’ clean in the best way possible.

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YRE Winner – Video 15-18yrs: Free Rosy and her Friends

submitted by St.Benedict College Girls' Secondary School Tarxien : Carmen Galea  for 15-18
dissemination(s): newspaper, other, school media, Special School Assembly Celebrate Earth Hour, website
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Five loggerhead turtles-Rosy, Ricardo, Spartacus, Kiko and Bizu were released last November from the Blue Flag beach of Paradise Bay Hotel at Ċirkewwa. These marine turtles were found injured in our sea after swallowing fishing hooks, nylon and fishing lines. They were given the necessary medical treatment for several weeks. A key solution to protect these creatures is by educating the younger generation. We have to keep our sea clean from waste especially plastic bags because every year a number of turtles die suffocated by mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish. With our help, these marine species can live longer in cleaner seas.

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Wrigley Winner – Article 11-14yrs: Bring in or dumping sites?

submitted by Gozo College Girls Secondary School Victoria Gozo : Eko Skola Committee  for 11-14
dissemination(s): other, school notice board and etwinning, school magazine, school media, website
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Like many other localities all over the Maltese Islands, the picturesque fishing village of Xlendi has more than one ‘bring in site’ but it is truly a multi Bring-in site.‘BringIn’ sites were introduced in multiple locations in Malta in 2003, (WasteServ Malta) in an effort to improve the source separation of recyclable waste.This has facilitated the separation of waste from households. Irresponsible persons are making them inaccessible by depositing mounds of garbage bags and rubbish at the base of the recycle containers.

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