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2nd Place Wrigley – Article 11-14yrs: Heritage in Peril – A Tale of Two Buildings

submitted by St Edward's College Vittoriosa : Andrew Thake  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school magazine
filed under Articles

A tale about heritage and abandonment.

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3rd Place Wrigley – Article 11-14yrs: EkoSkola: What We Did

submitted by Gzira St.Monica School : Mathea Saliba  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school magazine, school media
filed under Articles

The article describes what the EkoSkola Committee of St Monica School, Gżira did to promote energy conservation and waste reduction. A clean up was organised at Pembroke, during which 20 kg of waste was collected. The committee also made Christmas decorations from recycled waste. They also collected empty water bottles which was a huge success. To reduce wasting water, bottles filled with gravel were placed inside water flushing cisterns. The committee also prepared labels to remind students not to leave the lights on when not required.

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1st Place Wrigley – Article 15-18yrs: Organic Waste Management

submitted by The Archbishop's Seminary School : EkoSkola Committee  for 15-18
dissemination(s): newspaper, school magazine, website
filed under Articles

When we were first introduced to the Wrigley Litter-Less campaign, as an EkoSkola Committee we immediately started to brainstorm for ideas on projects that we could work on for this campaign. Upon our next meeting, we decided to do the project related to Kitchen Waste produced from the Seminary Kitchen. This was also decided so that the Major Seminary could also be included in the EkoSkola project.

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2nd Place Wrigley – Article 15-18yrs: Litter: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem… Are you?

submitted by St. Theresa College Boys' Sec. Birkirkara : Alessandro D'Amato, Charlie Curmi, Dario Sapiano, Jayden Lee Curmi, Jean Paul Sant, Nathan Spiteri, Ryan Pisani, Stefano Grech, Tyrone Grech  for 15-18
dissemination(s): newspaper
filed under Articles

This article highlights the main issues of littering and what society and each one of us can do to reduce this problem on our island. Students have grouped their ideas and concerns about the subject thus forming an article. As the title suggests, it focuses on who or what is the problem, ultimately concluding that the persons responsible is each and every one of us.

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1st Place Wrigley – Photo 11-14yrs: Where Flowers don’t Grow

submitted by St Edward's College Vittoriosa : Mattia Agius Muscat  for 11-14
dissemination(s): newspaper, school magazine, school media
filed under Photos

A panoramic view tinted with this shameful eyesore… a large coastal area is slowly becoming a dumping site. Rubber, as well as some broken stools, is destroying the habitat for many insects and plants.  A dumped mattress made all flora rest as it crushed the grass and plants.  Flowers and plants struggle to grow through a dumped tyre.  This problem persists year after year – last year’s rubbish ended up being burnt to the detriment of the surrounding environment. Litter brings more litter – so I suggest that the local council should see to the removal of this bulky refuse. Additionally, immediate action must be taken to put up a sign that whoever is caught dumping will be fined a hefty sum. This site is rich in flora and indigenous rocks and it is such a pity that those who are irresponsible are allowed to ruin and make unlimited damage at no price.

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