1st place Litter less Campaign

Plastic Sun

submitted by G.F.Abela Junior College Malta Msida : Gabrielle Zarb  for 15-18
campaign: Litter Less Campaign Entry
dissemination(s): Instagram, other, school notice board and school online newsletter (still to upload), school media
filed under Campaigning photo Photos
awarded: 1st place Litter less Campaign

No longer shall we be looking up and getting a glance of our sun …but mountains of plastic. In this photo, the message I’m trying to convey is, the fact that if we keep on living by our selfish ways, sooner or later we won’t be able to look around us and appreciate our beautiful and natural surroundings. Instead we will be living in our own plastic waste. This degrading plastic fragment was found on a local beach one of the millions which litters our beaches … homes to marine organisms.

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One man’s waste… another man’s treasure

submitted by St. Thomas More Secondary School Zejtun : Marija Camilleri  for 11-14
campaign: YRE Entry
dissemination(s): other, School monitor in the reception area, school magazine, website
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awarded: 1st place Litter less Campaign

Modern societies have adopted a throw-away culture. In Europe, in 2015, each person has generated an average of 477kg of municipal waste. In Malta alone, each person generates more than 600kg of waste yearly. Environmental awareness has helped for disposing of our waste wisely by reusing and recycling paper, metal, plastic and glass. However, we are still wasting resources as we are throwing away organic matter generated in our households through food scraps, vegetable waste, tea bags, dead leaves and twigs. Nature shows us clearly that one man’s waste can be another’s treasure. Instead of filling our landfills with organic waste, we can give nature the opportunity to do its job and break it down into compost. Compost can then be used to enrich soil with the nutrients it needs.

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