2nd place Litter less Campaign

Plastic Litter, Sea Water Temperature and pH: What is the link?

submitted by Gozo College Middle School : EkoSkola Committee  for 11-14
campaign: litter-less-campaign-entry
dissemination(s): EkoSkola blog, Ekoskola noticeboard, GLOBE website, Gozo news website, newspaper, other, school magazine, school media, website
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awarded: 2nd place Litter less Campaign, Finalist

Marine litter originates from many sources and causes a wide range of environmental, economic, safety, health and cultural impacts. For example, marine litter can cause harm to sea life if ingested or even death if a marine mammal becomes entangled in litter (PEW, 2018). But there other consequences as a result of all this litter ending up in the oceans and seas. Does plastic affect sea water conditions? This study investigated the effects of marine litter, especially plastic, on sea water. Following an outdoor classroom activity held at ─Žondoq Bay (Figure 1), a small sandy beach in the South East of Gozo, the students decided to investigate the effects of plastic litter on sea water temperature and sea water pH levels.

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