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Pesticides…Danger in a bottle but safe in my food?

submitted by Maria Regina College Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre : Harrison Bugeja  for 19+
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awarded: Best Entry, WER Award

Nowadays most farmers use more pesticides on crops to destroy insects, weeds, fungi, bacteria, and other things that feed on crops and spread diseases among others. Farmers are determined to gain profit as much as possible. Therefore they make sure that they get the crop yield they desire without considering the consequence of disregarding the harm they are causing to the environment and to consumers indirectly.

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So near and yet so far

submitted by Gozo College Middle School : Millie Rose Baker  for 15-18
dissemination(s): EkoSkola blog, Ekoskola noticeboard, other, school magazine, school media
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awarded: Best Entry, NT-FEE Award

Technology hasn’t made communication any better but instead has created barriers between people. People tend to sit around talking to their screens and have many friends on Facebook but have no real friends at all. Instead of speaking with those who love them and care for them they rather prefer to write a post expressing how they feel. Few realize the true meaning of happiness in the company of friends and instead make group chats thinking they are similar. A look around quickly confirms this. People sitting together eyes down, no one talking, they are missing out on laughter and experiences… So put down your phones, open your eyes, look around and don’t miss out on life anymore!

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