WasteServ Award

More fuss about Sustainable Living even at School Level- An Eco-Friendly Live-In Experience at St Edward’s College

submitted by Birgu Malta St Edward's College : Gianluca Baldacchino, Kurt John Grech  for 11-14
campaign: Litter Less Campaign Entry
dissemination(s): newspaper, school media, website
filed under Articles
awarded: Finalist, WasteServ Award

Students analyse their past live-in experiences and move forward to instill eko-friendly principles in line with the Litter Less Campaign.

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‘Litter Less’ in Maria Regina College Secondary School. Using waste creatively to make a student friendly garden

submitted by Maria Regina College Mosta : Ilona Sciberras; Nicole Fenech  for 15-18
campaign: YRE Entry
dissemination(s): Mosta local council noticeboard adn Ekoskola facebook page, other, school noticeboard, school media, website
filed under Articles
awarded: 1st place Litter less Campaign, WasteServ Award

The EkoSkola group of Maria Regina College Mosta regenerated the out-of-bounds school garden which is now being opened regularly during breaks, lessons and various activities. The garden was given a facelift, new hedges planted and lots of seating areas, decorations, bird feeding stations, cat shelters etc were created using recycled material. The scope was that of making the garden more welcoming, but also to create awareness about the importance of Reusing waste since there is a huge problem of litter generation and disposal in the Maltese Islands.

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