The orange bloom

submitted by Our Lady Immaculate School : Emma Brownrigg Fenech  for 11-14
campaign: yre-entry
dissemination(s): website
filed under Photos reporting-photo
awarded: Finalist, Honorable Mention, YREstayshome

Time spent amongst flowers is never time wasted. The importance of green spaces in the urbanised areas, especially during this current situation of COVID-19, which helps in the overall wellbeing of humans.

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Slide the Marbles Game from recycled material

submitted by lija Balzan Iklin : Laura Mallia Gauci  for 7-10
campaign: litter-less-campaign-entry
dissemination(s): website
filed under campaigning-photo Photos
awarded: Honorable Mention, YREstayshome

Yesterday I created a game using recycled things. Maybe it’s a good idea for children to do it at home. I used lollipop sticks, a piece of wood that my dad was going to throw away and cups. I painted the wood and the sticks. You must have some marbles to slide them down on the stick and then you count the points to see who is the winner. Laura Mallia Gauci

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