Article 15-18 yrs 1st place National Winner: Are there pockets in a shroud?

submitted by San Anton School : Georgie Zahra, Nicholas Attard  for 15-18
dissemination(s): school media
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Ramla Valley is one of the most fertile areas in the North of Gozo. Feeding this valley is a fresh water stream that has irrigated the terraced fields for centuries. On top of this valley an area, of once unspoilt beauty has been ravaged to build a cemetery for the nearby village of Nadur. This monstrosity is negatively affecting the environment both visually and also affecting the fresh water stream that feeds the fertile land below. Ironically the permit for this structure was given the go-ahead on World Environment Day. The farmers working this land did not leave one stone unturned to lay bare all the irregularities that took place- both regarding the permit and in the construction of the graves. A group of young environmentalists crossed the channel to meet the farmer representng the rest of the farmers, and discover first hand what is actually going on.

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