Brighter Sustainability Effort

submitted by The Archbishop's Seminary School : GABRIEL LIA  for 11-14
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The massive cardboard structures painted in an explosion of screaming colours were giving a spectacular show on the Granaries of Floriana. The carnival floats obey the three rules:RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE because they use a lot of recycled material.The floats are made by wood,paper,iron,newspapers and cardboard.When the five-day festival is over they break the float and take the material that can be recycled.Then the participants start working to produce another elaborate float for next year. These brightly coloured floats dominate the local scenery during Carnival, whilst sending out one of the most important messages to public- that of sustainability since most of these floats are made from recycled materials. These floats are giving an example that recyling is useful and we can be creative and come up with innovative ideas from materials that otherwise end up piling our already massive landfills.

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