Bring to light the Verdala Spire

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A dominant feature of the Verdala Retrenchment, on Margherita Hill in Cospicua, built during British times is a unique spire on top of the hall. The hall dates back to the years 1871 – 1874. The spire by HB Evans is the only Victorian spire found in Malta. The premises were restored recently. However the metal cover of the spire needs special treatment to avoid corrosion by rusting. If rain, manages to penetrate, being acidic it will rot the wood causing chemical weathering as we learnt during our geography lessons. We interviewed persons working on site. They have made several attempts to create awareness about this unique spire. They suggested that the metal cover of the spire should be given constant professional maintenance and then light it up at night. If lit up, the spire will be a focal point for it can be seen from the Upper Barakka Gardens.

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