Different species but still depend on each other

submitted by Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School Naxxar : John Charles Fenech  for 15-18
dissemination(s): newspaper, radio, school magazine, school media
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Dissemination description: on the school's newsletter "What's On". The students were invited to talk about their work and about YRE on a radio programme RTK. Students' work was exhibited in the school's notice board. Their work was published on the newspaper "The Malta Independent on Sunday"
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This image shows a clear difference between the human species and the lady bugs. Everything is different start from the texture of the two species. One cannot go not noticing the size difference too. apart from that, the two species have a different shape, breathe differently and much more. One could go on and on stating the differences between these two species. What one may not realise is that both species depend on each other. Each species performs a certain function and helps to keep nature in balance. The loss of one species could influence the food chain/web, the ecological succession process and much more. A species such as the lady bug also helps the environment to stay pure and may feed on harmful creatures. In fact a lady bug is often used as a biological pest control by us humans in farming. Rather than stating the differences between us and other species, it would be more beneficial to see how each species can contribute to nature and how we need each species.

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