Duckling in a poisonous pond

submitted by St. Margaret College Boys Secondary Verdala : Corben Lee Gatt, Gareth Blundell  for 11-14
dissemination(s): newspaper, school media
Dissemination description: Sent to school website and Times of Malta (No proof as yet available)
filed under Photos

Along ‘Gardiel’ street in the locality of Marsascala there is a small natural pond called ‘il-Magħluq tal-Baħar’ which is supposed to be a natural park for ducks and fish. Withstanding the natural beauty of this pond, passing by people use it as dumping zone contaminating the pond with toxic wastes. On holding a brief investigation at the pond, I observed dirty water and toxic products coming afloat. Some toxic products are flame retardant chemicals which when in touch with other toxic chemicals thrown in the same pond can literally poison the water risking killing most of our local ducks and fish. Solid waste is also observed floating in the pond contaminating both freshwater and the pond bank vegetation. On contacting the Marsascala Local Council, I recommended regular pH tests of the water, more recycling bins and law enforcement with secret cameras to conserve the pond and protect the local ducks.

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