submitted by St. Aloysius College : Martina Mifsud  for 15-18
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Pictures speak a thousand words; and this one could be heard shouting not to pass from underneath that balcony. Three balconies in succession all face the same fate as their wrought iron mesh is exposed; making it more liable to damage by weather conditions which speed up its erosion. If it worsens; the balcony could and might as well collapse. No more could be stated than what is seen in the picture; a despicable sight which has been present for years now… yet which no one cared about enough to fix. Also, it is worthwhile noting that these balconies are found in a restaurant; which is open on the weekends and their balconies are easily accessible to their customers. The state of these balconies cannot support the people, and it seems that until something tragic occurs, no action is going to be taken.

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