Heap of Refuse

submitted by Giovanni Curmi Naxxar Higher Secondary School : Ylenia Camilleri Brennan  for 19+
dissemination(s): newspaper, radio, school magazine, school media
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Dissemination description: and on "The Malta Indipendent on Sunday" newspaper. They were also invited on a radio programme to speak about YRE and their work. on the school's newsletter "What's On" Students' work was exhibited in the school's noticeboards
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I was recently informed that a heap of refuse was lying beside a beautifully built traditional rubble wall. This consists of old chairs, plastic bottles, metal cans and plastic bags being dumped on the rubble wall as well as between the stones, slowly crushing the flora that grows there. As one can clearly see, this state of affairs is causing a real eyesore, the more so since this area is very popular with hikers. Local farmers also informed us that this heap of refuse was regularly visited by rats. We appeal to the authorities concerned to remove this refuse as quickly as possible, to clean the area and to erect a sign with a warning that persons caught dirtying the place will be prosecuted and an appeal to be environment friendly.

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