How green is your takeaway container?

submitted by ST. Margaret College Girls' Secondary School Zejtun : Chanice Mercieca, Rhianydd Demanuele, Shaznay Graham  for 11-14
dissemination(s): other, Presentation of photograph during school assembly, school magazine, school media, website
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MMM… the first word that comes to mind with this sight. But consciously zooming into this photograph one would perceive that there is much more than tasty and intriguing food. Fast food, as the name implies is food prepared and served very quickly. It might taste good but actually it ruins your life. Unfortunately, this food is served to costumers in a package form of takeaway which most of them are pretty environmentally unfriendly. This is causing a high amount of rubbish and littering. Sadly, there is an increasing problem that many people think that the world is their garbage can as well as their ashtray. They are not troubled to use public bins to get rid of their waste. Such litter eventually becomes permanent part of our environment. So let’s feel good about ourselves and start considering this growing issue of takeaway containers.

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