Is there light at the end of the channel?

submitted by Our Lady Immaculate School Hamrun : Yasmin Joy Attard  for 11-14
dissemination(s): Ekoskola notice board during 2nd term and Parents' Days., other
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The supply of water in Malta depends on that obtained by the Reverse Osmosis plants and the supply of groundwater. However, the level of groundwater is decreasing rapidly and over a period of time, we might have to find other alternatives. One such alternative is to build reservoirs all through Malta to hold the rain that falls. This winter was one of the wettest in the history of meteorology. The surface runoff flowing in this sort of channel is blocked by the debris of construction waste and rocks. If some of that runoff water would have been spared in reservoirs, people would turn to this supply of water (as it’s free), than open the tap and use water coming from desalinisation plants.

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