New Outside dump!

submitted by St Thomas More Collage Girls Secondary School Santa Lucia : Nicole Zammit  for 11-14
dissemination(s): On the EKO SKOLA notice board, other
Proof of dissemination: Click to view
Dissemination description: First I took a photo then we put it on the EKO SKOLA notice board to send a message to all the school students to take care the environment. wrote some information
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In this picture we can see rubbish dumped in a private property in Fgura, exactly behind the yard of a house.The owner of this property objected about very unpleasant smells and occasionally he found rats and all types of insects.Having no pride for the environment, some people have access to this property and discard all their rubbish there.Unfortunately the owner is not talking any action about the rubbish because the situation remained the same.We must be environmental conscious that if we don’ t see any posters with regards to the environment, we should take it for granted that the rubbish should be thrown in the right recycling bags and placed in the right place and not thrown anywhere we like and leave all types of animals and insects make a feast with this rubbish.Private properties are not a dumping site!Education is the best!

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