Plant a tree in the gravel

submitted by Archbishop's Seminary : Jean Luke Camilleri  for 15-18
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This scene is not a one-off extracted from the delving depths of our country’s worst, but rather a common view in the south of Malta. Perfectly healthy trees are strewn apart and dumped into this compostal site which houses more than just dead trees. It also provides a stable habitat for small creatures such as mice and roaches. The environment is being deteriorated in some ways; namely the fact that the lack of these trees from the soil can reduce soil tackiness; resulting in unnecessary water runoff (note picture was taken on sloping ground). This house is perfectly habitable; therefore that is also an aspect one might question rationally; as to why there is an empty house in such a state. Isn’t that loss of ground which could be used beneficially for more humane purposes, such as planting ground or manipulated into a home which people would actually live in?

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