Right ahead of us!

submitted by St Margaret College Secondary School Verdala Cospicua : Natashia Vella, Kelly Falzon  for 11-14
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We in Malta are fortunate to have both geographical and historical features in our immediate environment. My school is on Margherita hill which was flattened and blocks built in the retrenchment close to Verdala Fort. All this is right ahead of us! The photo shows a particular historical feature at school built on purpose so that soldiers could refill the guns whilst another soldier was firing. We can actually see the links that exist between our geography and our history.
As young people we need to support the protection of geographical and historical features. We need to understand how people in the past lived. Our country is really small but has a great history that we should all appreciate. We need to look right ahead of us to understand the full story that lies so close to us wherever we might be in Malta!

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