St. Margaret College Secondary School Verdala students learn about the difference between Christmas and Hanukkah

submitted by Cospicua St. Margaret College Secondary School Verdala : Clayton Baldacchino, Mikael Galea Kent  for 15-18
campaign: yre-entry
dissemination(s): newspaper, school magazine, school media
Proof of dissemination: Click to view
Dissemination description: 1. Presentation of the campaign in class; 2. Article sent to the Sunday Times of Malta Newspaper for publication; 3. Article sent to the Malta Independent on Sunday Newspaper for publication; 4. Article sent to the Pontificia Missio Malta Magazine for publication; 5. School Facebook Page; ( 6. School Magazine (still to be published) - [email protected]; 7. School Website -; 8. Facebook Page of the Malta Archdiocese (Schools section)-
sustainable development goal(s): gender equality, life on land, peace justice and strong institutions, quality education, reduced inequalities
filed under Articles

St. Margaret College Secondary School Verdala, Cospicua students launched a project about the Jewish celebration of ‘Hanukkah’ and learned the difference between Christmas and Hanukkah to enhance their multicultural knowledge and acquired more respect and understanding towards other faiths and customs

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