Stormy winds unveil the sea litter at Cospicua Dock

submitted by St Margaret College Secondary School Verdala Cospicua : Andre Azzopardi  for 15-18
campaign: YRE Entry
dissemination(s): newspaper, other, School Exhibition, school magazine
Proof of dissemination: Click to view
Dissemination description: Photo will be displayed at school. Info about the YRE entries for 2018 will be included in article for school magazine. The photo has been sent to the Times of Malta.
sustainable development goal(s): clean water and sanitation
filed under Photos Reporting photo
awarded: 2nd place Litter less Campaign

Recently, strong winds hit the Maltese islands and the rough sea unveiled ample litter floating in Cospicua Dock. The floating litter consisted of trash and household toxic substances that are improperly disposed of on land or in water. Water cans, plastic bottles and cups as well as oil cans, spray metal bottles, ropes and other forms of litter have been seen floating at Cospicua Dock. This constitutes an eye sore for passers-by along the Cospicua Dock promenade. Litter which ends up in the sea can travel long distances owing to strong currents and winds. It can directly affect marine life and birds, get caught in fishing nets, damage boat motors and smells bad. Furthermore, plastic bags and plastic wrap can easily be swallowed by fish and birds and suffocate them. After contacting the Cospicua Local Council, the necessary steps were taken to clean up the litter at Cospicua Dock.

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