There’s a fly in my eye

submitted by St. Aloysius College : Martina Mifsud  for 15-18
dissemination(s): other, Sent it to a local newspaper but no reply was received
Dissemination description: I sent it to a local newspaper but no reply was received as of now
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It is a sad sight which is becoming increasingly common; as dead domestic animals, particularly cats are a frequent occurrence. It is a route up a blind alley should we humans (particularly the locals) continue to exude this behavior, as apart from embellishing Malta with a highly negative reputation, it is very obviously having a deterioration and detrimental effect on the cat population .Though found in large numbers, the cat population here in Malta is a bit of inevitable nuisance from the perspective of space; however beneficially biodiverse through environmental perception since they aid in continuing the biological cycles; which every member of the interdependent manual workers here in Malta are in need of. Should we give a bit of thought to the issue, we realize that it would be more feasible to give up a cat for homing rather than killing it, or rather than running over it voluntarily.

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