Articles 11-14 years Commended Entry – Trees are the lungs of our Earth – Eco-School Project

submitted by St.Albert the Great Collega : Adriel Benito  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school media, website
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Dissemination description: The article was put on the school website and on the school face book page. On the facebook page ( ) Adriel's article was liked and read by over 80
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This article will focus on the importance of trees in our life and that of our Mother Earth. It will speak about a project initiated by our school, St.Albert the Great College, to create more green space in Valletta Malta’s capital city. The aim of the project is three fols- to give us students the chance to work hands on with nature,to promote awareness with all our class-mates and to be able to pass a living message to other people to think about and preserve trees. The research and this project enabled our Eko Skola team to understand many important details regarding trees which before were elusive. It also made us appreciate each and every tree we see a bit more as now we see them in a new light.

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