Turn Off the Lights!

submitted by Verdala International School : Alexander Westrin, Michael Samaha  for 15-18
campaign: litter-less-campaign-entry
dissemination(s): Bye Bye Plastic Bags (global team from Bali) newsletter, other, school media
Proof of dissemination: Click to view
Dissemination description: This video was shared through BBPB Malta social media pages on Instagram and Facebook. It was then re shared by several individuals and BBPB global team used the Earth hour videos from us and other teams to their page and shared to their newsletter.
sustainable development goal(s): climate action, responsible consumption and production, sustainable cities and communities
filed under campaigning-video Most active YREstayshome participant video-clips
awarded: Best Entry, Finalist, Most active YREstayshome participant

This video was created before Earth hour in March, and the main message is to spread awareness of the importance to turn off your lights when there is natural sunlight available, because lightbulbs use up a lot of power which ultimately causes pollution created by the power plants.

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