Photo 11-14 yrs 2nd place National Winner: Waste Not, Want Not

submitted by Our Lady Immaculate School Hamrun : Yasmin Joy Attard  for 11-14
dissemination(s): Ekoskola notice board during 2nd term and Parents' Days., other
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This is freshwater running down a hill in Siggiewi after a heavy rain pour. All this water is being lost as there is no way for it to be collected for further use, especially in the fields. Imagine that every area has its own reservoir, supplied by rainwater. One would gladly turn to this water than use groundwater, which now comes at a cost, to irrigate the fields or to use domestically. Hence, building channels for water that lead to a reservoir would help twofold: first it reduces the amount of groundwater pumped up and then reduce the cost of water.

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