Whatever goes up must come down!!

submitted by Gozo College Middle School : Maia Camilleri  for 11-14
campaign: Litter Less Campaign Entry
dissemination(s): EkoSkola blog, newspaper, noticeboard, other, school magazine, school media, website
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sustainable development goal(s): life below water, life on land, quality education, sustainable cities and communities
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awarded: Finalist

Balloon release seems to be a must to mark the opening/closure of an event. Many have been to report how bad a habit this is, especially for marine creatures which end up entangled in the remnants of balloons and strings. The eco-school committee at Gozo College Middle school put forward a solution to stop all this. Why not releasing trained pigeons instead? Just like balloons they go up and come down but without creating any litter or pose a danger to other species.

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