National Winning Photo 2010 – 5th: White vs Green

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Mankind is now the number one cause of all the destruction happening on Earth. As well as trying to destroy each other on the battle-field, we are the cause of a series of other disasters to the environment such as filling up the environment with tonnes of bulky waste.

In Malta we have five different civic amenity sites, which open every day and are free for the public. This project is in fact being part-financed through the European Union Structural Funds, with an estimated value of 4.6 Million Euros. Local councils also give their civilians a free service to pick up their bulky waste free of charge.

Unfortunately, some people are not using these services but are putting away their rubbish everyone. We used to ask to improve civic amenity sites, now I suggest that we have to work on ENVIRONMENTAL and CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION.

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