Wonderful Water! Water of Life.

submitted by St Michael School St Venera : Etienne Degabriele Ferrante  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school media
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Fresh water is not easily available in Malta. We need to keep places like Chadwick lakes clean from all pollutants, so that all aquifers will have fresh water available. In Malta we find that from the few aquifers that still exist, not all can be used to draw water, one reason being the presence of pollutants. Even if we simply consider Chadwick lakes, we find a good sized area that is overgrown with tiny plants. These are a result of fertilisers and other chemicals that dissolve into rainwater from the soil in fields, and end up in the ‘lakes’. To make matters worse, I noticed plastic bottles and other litter in the water. Let us not use progress and convenience as an excuse to neglect and destroy natural life in Malta. Water is the source of all life. So let us take care of our Wonderful Water, Water of life!

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