A Powerful Contrast

submitted by St Edward's College : Jeremy Balzan  for 11-14
dissemination(s): newspaper, school media, website
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Dissemination description: The article was featured during our Open Day Stand at College on the 21st March 2014. The stand was featured in a Malta Independent Article the following Sunday (as per attached photo).Also this link
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Flowers can’t blossom properly here – Selmun Malta. It shows clearly that mankind is making its affect on nature. Plants can’t grow properly and it is such a shame that this is happening because nature is the best gift God has given us. A Powerful Contrast – Selmun Malta. It is clearly showing us the contrast between nature and the destruction of it. People should stop using this area as their “dust bin” and start taking care of the environment. Nothing can grow under that – Hal far Malta. It is showing that the rubbish left behind by humans is destroying and changing the way nature grows. It is showing us that humans aren’t taking care of nature.  They are also not taking the responsibility of cleaning their own environment. What humans are doing to nature- unfortunately some irresponsible people are destroying nature every day.

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