Video 19+ yrs 1st place National Winner: Mammals in Concrete Cages

submitted by Eco-Centre Zejtun Parish : David Ellul, Jean Claude Schembri, Johann Camilleri, Joseph Degabriele, Roderick Baldacchino, Tonio Farrugia  for 19+
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During the past years in Zejtun, there has been a new kind of development which regards houses: clustered housing. Blocks of apartments are being built in private gardens of old houses or are replacing existing houses. These apartments are not only gobbling up the few 'green area' which was left in the urban area of Zejtun, but are also much smaller in size than traditional houses/apartments. This is effecting both the environment and family life. weblink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x320oqDNMy0

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