Video 15-18 yrs 1st place National Winner: The two wheeled solution: the bicycle

submitted by G F Abela Junior College Msida : Steve Zammit Lupi  for 15-18
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I've always loved riding my bicycle. When I was younger, I never had Playstation or a computer as kids have today, as a break from my homework I would explore the outdoor world by biking instead. Apart from being a hobby it became a mode of commuting. As I grew older I started to ask questions and tried to find alternatives to our transport and environmental problems. I discovered that the bicycle can so easily substitute the car, the modern age vehicle that we have come obsessed with to get from A to B.  Isn't it ironic that we have stopped calculating distances in how far they actually are but rather in how long it will actually take to arrive? We forgot how interconnected our villages are. We forgot how close they are. We are too busy stuck in traffic to realize that it's taking us 30 minutes to arrive from A to B when its just 3km away, or that you're wasting 15 minutes everyday to find parking instead of making good use of it otherwise. We grumble when the fuel prices rise, but we fail to do something to change it and find an alternative. Or even more, we forgot we are polluting the air we breathe just for we travel from here to there, even if it's a short distance away.  Lets face the truth, Malta is just a rock, with so many people and cars crowded in such a small area, we are finding it difficult to get around. Traffic and parking problems remains a mind racking problem that every driver faces daily. Yeah, there's pubic transport but that has it's limits too and no matter how efficient it is, it still has it's limits and setbacks. If you can't solve a problem, re-think it, and solve it differently. And the bicycle can contribute well to solve our traffic and environmental problems. Most of the trips we do by car can easily be done by bicycle, and you'll probably arrive quicker and if not in a less stressful and relaxed way. Unless we show the authorities that we mean business and ready to change nothing actually will. So let's show everyone that we love riding our bicycles and that we demand a safer and more sustainable environment for all to enjoy. It's true that our roads aren't so safe because there are so many cars, but how is that's supposed to change if no one is ready to take the first step and ride his/her bike instead?! I am ready, and I'm ready to cycle to introduce the bicycle culture that's alive and kicking in other countries, I'm just 16 but I'm ready to change that. Yeah, it's the Two Wheeled Solution… it's the bicycle! Weblink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfhhm5OWXzk

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