Honorable Mention

A Greener Tomorrow

submitted by Gozo College Middle School : EcoSchools Committee  for 11-14
campaign: yre-entry
dissemination(s): EkoSkola blog, Ekoskola noticeboard, newspaper, other, school magazine, school media, tv, website
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awarded: Honorable Mention

The alarming rate at which trees are being chopped off to make way for the construction industry prompted the students at Gozo College Middle School to study in detail urban temperatures. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of trees on urban heat temperatures. Data collected show that surface temperature varies on average by 9°C between vegetated surface and cemented/asphalt surfaces. Results support the statement that lack of trees contribute to the formation of Urban Heat Islands. Having discovered all this the students went a step further. They wanted to be part of the change and not just pointing fingers and complaining about the environmental degradation. Thus, they came up with an innovative idea on how to promote the growth of local indigenous trees

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