Colourful Nature

submitted by St. Thomas More Secondary School Zejtun : Alessandro Parella  for 11-14
dissemination(s): assembly, google +, newspaper, notice board, other, school magazine, school media, website, youtube
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Dissemination description: Dissemination of the project included the school magazine (to be published by end of scholastic year), School website- link, Newspaper- T
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‘Forest Green’ … that’s an environmentally-friendly name for paint but not an environmental friendly product. Paint is normally used to protect or improve appearance of an object. This definitely does not apply for trees. Most paints are made up of lead chemicals which are highly toxic. Lead, a poisonous metal, can damage nerve connections and cause blood and brain disorders. This can also be absorbed by the plants, mainly through the roots from soil solution, and thereby may enter the food chain. Therefore, eco-friendly paint productions should be promoted, like low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints. So next time you fancy a new colour-scheme, check out green paint.

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