submitted by The Archbishop's Seminary : Jacques Leon Patiniott  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school media
filed under Photos

What a wonderful view of Marsaxlokk harbour. But wait…What’s that in the background? It is Delimara’s Power Station and it is ruining the view!! It is also polluting the air around it with the fumes the chimneys are omitting and it isn’t very healthy for people who live in the areas of Delimara either. It also has a very bad impact on the tourists which come to visit Marsaxlokk .And what about the impact on the environment, especially the fish in the sea and the birds? The fishermen are the most affected by this monster. If we become more aware of energy consumption and its consequences it will be easier for all of us to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. We must all understand that every drop counts and that undoubtedly all our efforts do make a difference.

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