Soil…. an essential natural resource

submitted by G.F Abela Junior College University of Malta : Aidan Gauci, Marie Therese Pavia  for 19+
campaign: yre-entry
dissemination(s): newspaper, school media, tv, website
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Dissemination description: We disseminated our video on the Junior College Facebook page, Newsbook, Times of Malta, and TVM. TVM link:
sustainable development goal(s): clean water and sanitation, climate action, good health and well being, life on land, responsible consumption and production, sustainable cities and communities, zero hunger
filed under reporting-video video-clips
awarded: Best Entry, Finalist

Soil is an essential resource to which many do not give much thought. It can take thousands of years to form and is fundamental, directly and indirectly, to several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Unfortunately, in our country, it is increasingly under threat.

This video about soil in Malta was produced by Marie Therese Pavia and Aidan Gauci (University of Malta, Ġ.F Abela Junior College) as part of the Young Reporters for the Environment competition 2020. It investigates issues related to local soil so as to raise awareness and knowledge about this vital natural resource.

The following is the link of the video:



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