Photo 11-14 yrs 3rd place National Winner: A bendy right turn?

submitted by St. Clare College Girls Secondary Ex-Sandhurst Pembroke : Rachel Marie Farrugia  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school magazine, website
filed under Photos

This road sign is not to be found in some remote rural area of Malta. It occupies a prominent position in the main square next to the Rotunda Church in Mosta, signaling to drivers that they are forbidden to turn right. The photo captures the piteous state of this road sign. Besides being horribly mangled, a good part of the road sign has gone rusty to the extent that not only has the paint peeled off but the metal has also correded. Moreover, someone has decided to use this sign as a miniature billboard, placing an advertisement on it. This area is visited by many Maltese and tourists alike. Isn't it time to replace this sign with a new one?

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