Adaptation at its best

submitted by The Archbishop' s Seminary : Christian Falzon, Julian Seguna, Keith Borg, Kyle Farrugia, Malcolm Agius  for 11-14
dissemination(s): newspaper, school magazine, website
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The chameleon – Chamaleo chameleon, is an introduced reptile, in the sense that this specie was not originally found here. It has however adapted greatly to the local habitats. The typical habitats in which it lives are usually maquis, steppes and garigue. Known also as a Mediterranean species, it can also be found in specific areas in the South of Europe and also in Northern Africa. This type of species is different from other chameleons found around the world because it has an upward crest on the back part of its head.
Although chameleons are famously known for the way they change their colour to camouflage themselves, in reality the colour changes because of varying body temperature. Chameleons eat insects such as mosquitoes and flies so they are very beneficial. To eat, they shoot out their sticky tongue further than the length of their head and body combined!

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