Bottle me up.

submitted by St Thomas More College Zejtun Primary B : Marija Camilleri  for 7-10
dissemination(s): ilearn and facebook, other
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Dissemination description: The photograph and caption were uploaded on ilearn. It was also put on parent's facebook page and shared.
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Waste that we throw away in the environment does not vanish, but returns on our doorsteps. Plastic beverage bottles are an eye sore when we take a stroll along our beaches. These bottles are not biodegradable and according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, they take 450 years to decompose if they are thrown away in landfills or in the environment. Unfortunately, what is thrown into the sea is washed on the shores by waves. If these materials are not picked up and disposed of properly, they will end up back into our sea. It is wiser to reuse them or recycle them as we reduce damage to the environment we live in.

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