YRE Winner – Photo 15-18yrs: Bridge over troubled water?

submitted by St Thomas More GSS Santa Lucia : El Kayati Fatima, Farrugia Antonella, Saliba Nicole  for 15-18
dissemination(s): school media
Proof of dissemination: Click to view
Dissemination description: Photos were set up on a notice board at school and even shared trough the teachers in their facebook group.
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Malta is one of the countries with the least water resources. Having little rain and a highly populated area means that if the rain water is not used to its best, we will have serious problems in the coming years. At school, the school playground is the roof of a water reservoir. This reservoir needs urgent attention and could be used to water the whole of the school trees and used in the toilets flushing. The reservoir needs maintenance so as it can be used. It is an old structure but since it is at least 100 metres by 50 metres wide and more than a storey high it can hold enough water to satisfy the school’s need for second class water. If this reservoir has more water that the school needs, it could be used to help farmers in the vicinity and use this water instead of pumping water from a borehole. Pumping a lot of water from a borehole will result in a problem since it will be invaded by sea salty water instead of water good for drinking. As students we need to keep the ground clean so as the rubbish will not block the water intakes of the reservoir.

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