Bring in sites ignored

submitted by St. Margaret College Boys Secondary Verdala : Eman Aquilina, Rainer Abdilla  for 11-14
dissemination(s): newspaper, school media
Dissemination description: Sent to school website and Times of Malta (No proof as yet available)
filed under Photos

Passing by a busy street in the locality of Gzira one immediately notices lots of dump waste and rubbish outside the bring in sites. It’s shamful seeing plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles, paper and lots of other rubbish littering this locality and so ignoring the bring in sites. Surely dump waste and litter make the local environment less hygienic and stinking badly especially on hot summer days. Apart from being illegal, dumping waste leads to many illnesses. On contacting the Local Council I was told that the daily clean up of the locality and the regular blockages of the drainage system caused by litter costs lots of money to the community every year. The Mayor of Gzira, Mr Roberto Cristiano, promised more control of the situation to guarantee the health of the local residents. My recommendations for more CCTV street cameras and regular vigilance by local wardens were highly appreciated.

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