Dump site in Attard

submitted by The Archbishop's Seminary : Matthias Grech  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school media
filed under Photos

The picture shows a very big field full of bright flowers full of life and in this field there is possibly the biggest contrast that you could ever imagine, an enormous pile of rocks, nearly like a small hill. Surprisingly enough this used to be a quarry. Although filling up the quarry with uneccessary construction waste was a great sustainable effort, unfortunately it seems to have gone quite of hand since the construction waste has kept on accumulating forming the looming hill that can be seen at the back of the picture. While such sustainable efforts should be promoted, necessary care should also be given not to go overboard as shown above. This effects the not only the flora of the area but also the possible underlying water tables which can easily be contaminated if other types of waste are thrown in the area.

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