Garbage in Buskett

submitted by SNC Dingli Primary School : Jean Pulis  for 7-10
campaign: YRE Entry
dissemination(s): Notice board and Local Council, other, school media, website
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Dissemination description: Dissemination was through the School Website, College FB page, School Noticeboard and Local Council. Website and FB Page have a following of over 1000+ followers (FB -, Website - Our noticeboard is situated in a prominent position at the school's entrance and viewed by students, staff, parents and visitors. An eBook was also published on StoryJumper and shared on social media outlets as well as the local council:
sustainable development goal(s): good health and well being, life on land
filed under Photos Reporting photo
awarded: 2nd place Litter less Campaign, Finalist

Last Friday I went to Buskett with my friends and we were disappointed to see garbage all over the place. Whoever is doing this behaviour must STOP. It is a shame when people litter in Buskett because it will not remain a beautiful and safe place for a hike or a picnic. We saw rubbish even close to garbage bins. This shows how careless people are because instead of throwing rubbish in the bins, they just throw it without even looking, so the trash ends up right beside these bins. People need to start pulling up their sleeves and to start cleaning the environment. Leaving trash will wither the trees in Buskett. If we lose Buskett, we will harm ourselves, because trees give us oxygen and without oxygen we will not be able to live. I encourage everyone to be responsible and take care of the environment around us.

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