Garbage, rubbish, waste, litter…

submitted by GOZO COLLEGE ZEBBUG PRIMARY : Joseph Zahra  for 7-10
dissemination(s): school media
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Do not put out the garbage bag more than an hour before the truck comes because dogs might tear it. We have three places with recycle bins to sort the material and recycle in our village. We can recycle metal, plastic, paper and glass in separate bags to help to reuse the materials and create jobs. If you throw garbage on pavements people can’t walk on it so they will go on the road and they will get hit by cars. If you throw garbage in the fields trees can’t grow, you will get a fine and pay for it. With rubbish in the fields the countryside will be damaged and no tourist will come to visit our beautiful island. For fridges, sofas, beds and more you can call the local council and they will take it. Waste attracts insects and contaminate the ground water soil and air causing diseases.

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